2 Reasons To Sell Your Gold To A Pawnshop Instead Of A Gold Buyer

A pawnshop can be a great resource for selling off any old or unwanted items, or if you simply need money fast. Two reasons to sell your gold to a pawnbroker instead of a cash for gold business are in order to access higher payments and more options. Higher Payments One of the biggest reasons to sell your gold items to a pawnshop is that they can often provide you with higher payments for your gold than a gold buyer can offer. [Read More]

2 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vintage Engagement Ring Vibrant

There is something special about wearing a piece of vintage jewelry. The rich histories these pieces provide have helped propel the antique engagement ring designs of the past to a position of popularity among today's brides. If you have invested in a vintage ring to symbolize your union, then learning how to care for this small relic from the past is important. Here are 2 tips you can use to ensure that your vintage engagement ring remains vibrant for years to come: [Read More]

3 Tips For Choosing Bedding

The bedroom is a unique place in the home. Very few people will ever see it, yet we want to make it a place that is comfortable and welcoming. The focus of most bedrooms is the bed. The bedding can either make or break the feeling of the room. It can be a place that is warm and inviting or a place that is cold and where no one wants to be. [Read More]

How To Identify A Real Hawaiian Quilt

For quilt collectors and those who love graphic decor items, a true Hawaiian quilt is a valuable art piece. Authentic pieces can run hundreds of dollars, which is why making reproduction Hawaiian quilts is such a big business. If you just love the design, it probably doesn't make much difference to you, but if you want to invest in the history and master craftsmanship of a traditional Hawaiian quilt, do some investigating before pulling out your wallet. [Read More]