6 Reasons Why Your Watch May Have Stopped Working

From resin strap digital display watches to 18 karat gold watches with self-winding automatic movements, wristwatches have remained popular fashion accessories for many decades. No matter the price and quality of the watch, sometimes watches just stop working. Learn the most common reasons why your watch has stopped working: 1. Depleted Battery Life One of the most common reasons for a watch to stop working is a depleted battery. Digital watch batteries tend to die quicker than non-digital watches, as they require more power to run. [Read More]

Sizing Things Up: Home Ring-Sizing Procedures

Are you about to order a ring from an online seller? If so, you must know your ring size in order to get a ring that fits correctly. However, if you're like a lot of people and have never had your ring size officially measured -- many people buy rings by trying them on randomly, rather than by finding out the size -- you're going to have a difficult time picking the right option on the screen. [Read More]

Five Easy, Multi-Seasonal Infant Costume Ideas For Under $15

Although babies really cannot trick or treat with the big kids, parents like to dress them up and walk along the candy trail anyway. Since babies grow so fast, it just does not make monetary sense to pay a lot of money for a store-bought costume that your little one will not even wear for kicks two months from now. Here is how you can dress up an infant under a year old for less than the less expensive, commercially made costume. [Read More]

Enjoy A Stress-Free, Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Are you panicking because there are more guests than your dining room table can hold? Take a deep breath and relax; your Thanksgiving will be stress-free, thanks to the party rentals that are offered by a local, family owned rental company, such as White Bear Rental. Tables and Chairs Seating won't be an issue this Thanksgiving. No matter how many guests you are having, you'll have plenty of seats available so that every guest will have a spot to dig in and enjoy the turkey and all of the trimmings when you rent tables and chairs. [Read More]