2 Reasons To Sell Your Gold To A Pawnshop Instead Of A Gold Buyer

A pawnshop can be a great resource for selling off any old or unwanted items, or if you simply need money fast. Two reasons to sell your gold to a pawnbroker instead of a cash for gold business are in order to access higher payments and more options.

Higher Payments

One of the biggest reasons to sell your gold items to a pawnshop is that they can often provide you with higher payments for your gold than a gold buyer can offer. The main reason for this is that a gold buyer is only interested in the precious metal content of your items, so you will not receive any money for the collectible value. However, when you sell your items to a pawnbroker, they will be able to offer you more than the current market price for the gold content.

For example, if you have an antique piece of gold jewelry, the pawnshop can negotiate a higher price due to the rarity or aesthetic value of the jewelry itself. In addition, if you have collectible coins, statues, or other items that contain precious metals, you may get more due to the collectible value of the item.

Even if there is no collectible value, it is still worth it to check out a pawnbroker before a cash-for-gold business. The reason for this is that the pawnshop can still pay you the current market value for the gold. So, at the very least the shop will match a cash for gold store's offer for your item.

More Options

Finally, a these types of shops can offer you more options for your items. For example, if you want more money you can negotiate a deal for store credit. In many cases, if you are willing to accept store credit, or a combination of cash and store credit, the store will likely increase their offers. This can be really useful because many pawnshops carry everything from musical instruments to motorcycles.

In addition, if you do not want to sell your item permanently, these businesses can allow you to get money quickly and hold your item as collateral. Once you can pay back the pawnshop, you simply repay the loan with interest and get your item back. If you cannot repay the loan, then the shop owner will simply keep your item and sell it after a set amount of time.

Speak to a local pawnshop like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins today if you have gold items or other valuables to sell. These businesses can offer you more money and options for your gold items than a cash-for-gold company.