3 Tips For Choosing Bedding

The bedroom is a unique place in the home. Very few people will ever see it, yet we want to make it a place that is comfortable and welcoming. The focus of most bedrooms is the bed. The bedding can either make or break the feeling of the room. It can be a place that is warm and inviting or a place that is cold and where no one wants to be.

Because the bed is the focal point, it is important to know how to choose bedding sets so that your rooms is a pleasant place to be. These 3 tips will help you choose the best bedding for your room.

  1. Color Continuity. When finding bedding that you wish to match your home and specifically your room, the color is often the most important aspect. If your paint, décor and carpeting are a specific color theme, throwing in another color may ruin the feel of the room. If your carpet is grey with hints of blue, you may want to consider finding bedding that contains that same color of blue. This creates color continuity between the bedding and the carpet. The bedding can also find similar colors as paint, decorations and furniture as well. This does not mean that everything is all one color but that there are hints of the same color in different parts of the room.
  2. Patterns. Patterns are another way to break up the monotony of the room and add some texture and warmth. When choosing patterns for your bedding, you may want to consider layering different patterns. The bed skirt can have a different pattern than the bed spread. Throw pillows can have a different pattern as well while the back pillows may match the bedspread. When it comes to patterns, the possibilities are endless. The key is to find patterns that do not clash and that are pleasing to the eye.
  3. Modern Bedding and Classic Bedding. Choosing a style of bedding that matches your bedroom is crucial for making it look great. Classic bedding is bedding that includes patterns, designs and colors that will match almost any home no matter the style. These bedding sets typically tend to stand the test of time and rarely go out of style. Modern bedding follows the more current styles of the day but could quickly fade into obscurity. These modern bedding designs often contain unique shapes. patterns, colors and designs that fit in with a specific style of contemporary or modern decor. 

The kind of bedding that you decide to choose will largely depend on the overall feel you are looking for and how the rest of the room is decorated. Choosing bedding to match your room is not always an easy task but by keeping these simple tasks in mind, you will be able to make better decisions.