2 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vintage Engagement Ring Vibrant

There is something special about wearing a piece of vintage jewelry. The rich histories these pieces provide have helped propel the antique engagement ring designs of the past to a position of popularity among today's brides. If you have invested in a vintage ring to symbolize your union, then learning how to care for this small relic from the past is important.

Here are 2 tips you can use to ensure that your vintage engagement ring remains vibrant for years to come:

1.  Be sure that you are storing your engagement ring properly.

Whenever you are not wearing your vintage engagement ring it is absolutely essential that you take the time to provide proper storage. Antique jewelry pieces are fragile and can become damaged quite easily if some basic precautions are not taken to ensure their safety.

Here are some ways you can keep your ring stored safely:

  • Store your ring in a cotton-lined box. The soft fibers of the cotton lining will cushion your antique ring. This will prevent the delicate setting from becoming damaged, which could result in the loss of your ring's gemstone.  
  • Store your ring at room temperature. The metals used to craft antique jewelry are not able to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature. To ensure that your ring remains structurally intact, prevent metal damage by keeping your ring stored at room temperature.

2.  Take the time to clean your ring properly.

Dust and debris can be damaging to vintage engagement rings, so learning how to properly clean your ring is a must. Here are some important tips to keep in mind as you clean your ring in the future:

  • Use gentle cleaning agents. A mild soap and warm water should be able to remove any dust or debris present on the surface of your vintage ring. If you find that you need a stronger cleaning agent, a bit of glass cleaner can be used. Just remember that you should never submerge your ring in water or spray the glass cleaner directly onto the surface of your ring if you want to avoid corrosion. Spray or dampen a rag first, then use the rag to gently scrub your ring clean.  
  • Allow your ring to dry completely. Before you begin wearing your freshly cleaned vintage ring, be sure that you have given the ring time to dry completely. Moisture can cause the gemstones to deteriorate, so allowing for adequate drying time is essential when it comes to prolonging the life of your ring.

Investing in a vintage engagement ring allows you to enjoy the benefits that come from wearing a piece of jewelry with sentimental and historical significance. Be sure that you are taking the time to properly store and clean your antique ring to ensure it will remain in good shape for many years to come.