Color-Coordinated Spa Gift Basket Ideas

One way to design a spa gift basket for a friend or loved one is by color coordinating it. Matching gift items packed into a reusable basket will create a charming, eye-pleasing present for any occasion. Begin the basket-making process by deciding on a color theme. As one approach, pick a soothing, spa-inspired shade such as calming lavender, fresh green or relaxing light blue. 

Here are some ideas for designing a color-coordinated spa gift basket:

1. Lavender

Either start by choosing a lavender-hued basket or fill a wood or wicker one with purple tissue paper, which will also help to keep the items in place. Appropriate gifts include dried lavender sachets, which the recipient can use to scent a drawer, a natural lavender-scented body wash and lotion set, bubble bath and boxes of lavender chamomile tea.

A bottle of lavender essential oil, along with a carrier oil, such as almond or jojoba oil, is another spa-inspired basket idea. Include a book with ideas for using the lavender oil, such as placing it in an oil burner or add a few drops to a bath, to round out the present. 

2. Green 

Infuse the gift basket with the vibrant, lively shade of grass green. Fill the basket with realistic looking faux grass into which you can nestle the gifts. If the recipient is a tea lover, place a green mug in the center of the basket and fill it with a selection of tea bags in soothing flavors of peppermint or chamomile. 

Roll a plush, green washcloth and tie it with a satin ribbon before placing it into the basket for a tidy presentation. To accompany the washcloth, include a selection of spearmint- or peppermint-scented bath soaps and lotions. 

A bottle of spearmint or peppermint essential oil is another option, as is an invigorating natural mint-scented candle. A small potted plant is another idea, and will give a bathroom a spa feel. 

3. Light Blue 

When designing a light blue gift basket, use the color of the sky or ocean as inspiration. Begin with a durable plastic basket made for bathroom use, which the recipient can use to organize and store personal products after the gifts are gone. 

Gift ideas include a manicure case and a bottle of powder blue nail polish, a soothing, cooling eye mask featuring blue gel, blue bath soaps, a luxurious blue bath robe, sweet blueberry-scented candles, and blue skin-softening manicure gloves and bottle of hand cream. 

If your friend or loved one is a sweets-lover, round out the basket with dark chocolate-covered dried blueberries as a healthy and decadent treat.