Making Metal Wind Chimes From Silverware

If you have just purchased a new set of silverware, and you are not planning on using your older set as utensils any longer, a fun way to repurpose the pieces is by making wind chimes for your porch. Many people enjoy the sound of metal on metal, as it is a pleasing tone that is not too loud when smaller pieces are used. Here are some instructions you can use to make your very own metal silverware wind chimes.

Materials You Will Need

  • Old sauce pan
  • Several old forks and spoons
  • Newspaper
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bit
  • String or twine
  • Colorful beads
  • Spray paint in desired colors
  • Stencils
  • Hook

Painting The Pieces

Before you can assemble your wind chime, color the pieces you will be using in festive shades to give the area you hang the finished product a pleasing look. While using plain metal is an option, coloring the pieces will be more attractive and can be matched to your home's exterior colors. Place your silverware on a piece of newspaper and use spray paint to give the pieces a new look. Use several different colors for whimsical wind chimes or stick with one color if complementing your outdoor decor. Allow the silverware to dry thoroughly. Spray paint an old saucepan to use as the top of your wind chimes as well.

Drilling The Holes

To hang the silverware, drill a hole in the handle of each piece using an electric drill. The pieces will be hung from an old saucepan to give the chimes an overall kitchen look. The saucepan should have a hole already placed in the handle to hang by your stove. This will be the top of your wind chime gift. Drill holes opposite the handle so when it hangs from your home, the handle is facing upward and the holes are facing downward with strings holding the utensils in place.

Decorating The Chimes

Cut one piece of twine or string for each utensil. Thread a piece of the string or twine through the hole in the handle of the utensil and tie a knot to keep in place. String colorful beads on the twine or string from the other end. Thread the string or twine holding each utensil through the holes on the saucepan. Use stencils to paint your family name on the back of the saucepan in a contrasting color. After your wind chime is assembled, hang it from a hook on your porch ceiling.