Update The Look Of Your Flower Garden With Unique Planters

In order to have a unique flower garden, you need to add unique features to it. While you may have a wide variety of flowers, if you do not have them planted in different ways and at different heights, they often seem to all blend in together so that there is no visual distinction between them. If you want to create an elaborate and beautiful garden, use the following unique planting ideas to give your garden an updated look. 

Rain Boots

Rain boots are a quick and inexpensive planter that can be great for tall flowers. Simply use a drill to make a few drain holes in the bottom of the boots, add soil to them, and then plant your flowers. Add a bit more soil to the boots and place them wherever you want them to be placed in your garden.


Teacups can be great for planting small plants such as succulents or pansies. Water will not drain out of them so you need to be sure that they are placed in an area that will not get drenched when it rains, such as under a tree or the edge of a bench.


Wheelbarrows are great for planting a large assortment of seasonal flowers in one place. When the season passes and the flowers die, you can simply roll the wheelbarrow over to the compost pile and dump them out for quick and easy cleanup.

Trash Cans

Spray paint a kitchen trash can any color you choose. Place a smaller bathroom sized trash can inside of the larger trash can upside down. Place a flower pot inside of the large trash can with the bottom resting on the bottom of the upside down trash can. Load the flowerpot with soil, plant cascading plants in it, and place the large, beautiful planter anywhere in your garden you chose.

Old Toys

Your children's old toys, such as doll cars or dump trucks can serve as great planters for small plants. They have cracks in them that will allow water to drain so you do not have to drill drain holes into them. Fill the openings with soil and add the plants to create an adorable addition to your garden.

These are all quick and simple ways to give your garden an updated look using unique planters. There are many other types of unique planters that are available for you to buy from distributors (such as http://www.skystonemall.com), as well. Creating a stylish and unique flower garden is easy, once you stop thinking inside of the box and start to get creative with the planters you choose to use in your garden.