3 Distinguished Honors Of The Order Of Demolay

Members of the various Masonic Orders are known for the splendid rings they wear. DeMolay, a Masonic organization for young men, also has an assortment of rings that members can proudly wear to signify their membership in the organization, or honors bestowed upon them in service. There are three prestigious awards that a DeMolay and a Senior DeMolay can earn and therefore be permitted to wear a ring to denote their noble achievement. [Read More]

A Few Advantages To Selling Your Coins Wholesale To Coin Dealers Online

The World Wide Web has made the world a very small place. It used to take years or even longer, to find a rare coin you need for your collection or a buyer for one you currently own. Now you can get online to find what you need in a few days; if it is very rare and expensive it may take a bit longer, but still not as long as it used to take. [Read More]

Puppy Love: Fur-Resistant Fabrics For When You Doze With Your Dog

In a recent survey, it was found that up to 65% of pet owners allow their animals to sleep in their bed with them. While having your pet close by as you sleep may bring a sense of security, it's not so great for your bedding. Most of these pet owners are constantly trying to find a way to get all the fur off of their comforters. It's a never-ending battle, but apparently it's worth it. [Read More]

Want To Switch From A Real Cigarette To An Electronic Version? Here Is What To Look For

Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity among smoking consumers. Unlike a 'normal' cigarette that produces thousands of chemicals when smoked and can pollute the air, an electronic cigarette emits only harmless vapor when a person uses it. An electronic cigarette still allows a person to feel the effects of smoking and gives them the nicotine they crave without the smelly, offensive smoke. For this reason, many people are turning to the 'e-cig' when considering alternative smoking means so they can smoke with leisure anywhere they want without offending people around them or putting the environment at risk. [Read More]