3 Decorative Faucet Designs to Consider

If you're looking to increase the style of your bathroom, there are lots of options at your disposal. While you might think about buying a new vanity or perhaps changing the flooring, don't overlook the value of having the right faucet. There are all sorts of new faucets on the market that can not only offer the functionality that you want, but also add a high degree of style. Decorative faucets in particular can be worthwhile to consider when you shop. They're available in a wide variety of different designs, each of which can bring a unique look to your bathroom. Here are three popular decorative faucet designs for you to consider.


You'll find a number of faucets that feature different animals — including those that are real and those that are not. Commonly, the faucet's metal is formed to depict an animal with its mouth open. This design means that when you turn the water on, it flows through the animal's mouth. One fun choice is a faucet that has the shape of a dragon; as the water runs, you might think of the water as fire that the dragon is breathing. This type of faucet can add a regal look to a luxurious bathroom, while also being a fun choice for a children's bathroom.


There are several different flower-themed decorative faucets on the market, which can be a good fit if you decorate your bathroom with a floral theme. For example, if you have floral-themed wallpaper or artwork on the walls that features flowers, a faucet that depicts this type of plant can work well visually. On some models, there will be flowers carved into the faucet body. Others carry this design onto the faucet spout for even more of a floral look.


While the above two faucet designs feature specific things, you'll also find products that have an abstract ornate design. These faucets don't feature anything recognizable, but they may have stylish elements that significantly add to their visual appeal. If you want your faucet to have a decorative look that catches peoples' attention but you don't want it to necessarily feature an animal or flowers, look for something that fits into the ornate category. A stylish carved pattern or abstract design on the faucet may be a good fit for your bathroom. Learn more about decorative faucets by shopping at your local bathroom supply store.