Buying Used Musical Instruments: What To Watch Out For

Buying a musical instrument for school or pleasure can be expensive. Many people choose to buy used instruments, including guitars, pianos, clarinets, and even trumpets to help offset the cost. Before you buy any instrument used, make sure you are getting something worth buying. Here are things to look out for when buying used musical instruments. Major dents, scratches, or missing pieces Most used musical instruments will have some cosmetic flaws, including worn out parts in the finish where fingers have rubbed away an instrument's shine. [Read More]

Making Metal Wind Chimes From Silverware

If you have just purchased a new set of silverware, and you are not planning on using your older set as utensils any longer, a fun way to repurpose the pieces is by making wind chimes for your porch. Many people enjoy the sound of metal on metal, as it is a pleasing tone that is not too loud when smaller pieces are used. Here are some instructions you can use to make your very own metal silverware wind chimes. [Read More]

Color-Coordinated Spa Gift Basket Ideas

One way to design a spa gift basket for a friend or loved one is by color coordinating it. Matching gift items packed into a reusable basket will create a charming, eye-pleasing present for any occasion. Begin the basket-making process by deciding on a color theme. As one approach, pick a soothing, spa-inspired shade such as calming lavender, fresh green or relaxing light blue.  Here are some ideas for designing a color-coordinated spa gift basket: [Read More]

Update The Look Of Your Flower Garden With Unique Planters

In order to have a unique flower garden, you need to add unique features to it. While you may have a wide variety of flowers, if you do not have them planted in different ways and at different heights, they often seem to all blend in together so that there is no visual distinction between them. If you want to create an elaborate and beautiful garden, use the following unique planting ideas to give your garden an updated look. [Read More]