Great Ideas For Housewarming Gifts

If you have a friend or family member who has just moved into their new house ten you may be looking for something to get them for a house warming gift. Since they have just moved into their new home, you should try to get them something for their home that you know they will get plenty of use out of. This article will give you some ideas that can make your shopping easier on you.

A picture frame

Giving picture frames as a house warming gift can be a great idea. Going with one single frame when you don't know the designs of their other frames is risky. However, giving them a decorative picture frame that houses many pictures is one they can place anywhere throughout their home on its own.

A fruit basket

If you really have no idea what they already have for their home and what they need, then a nice fruit basket can be a great choice. Not only can they use the basket as home décor after the fruit is gone, but they can nibble on the fruit as well. This can be helpful if they haven't had a chance to go shopping and fill their cupboards yet.

A bedspread

Giving a bedspread as a housewarming gift is also a good idea. Even if they decide the bedspread doesn't go with the decor of their own bedroom, they can use it in a guest room or as an extra blanket. Somewhere along the line, this bedspread will become useful and they will appreciate having it. If you know how they plan on decorating the bedrooms in their house, then you are at an advantage and can give them one that works out well for them.


There are a lot of different styles of candles, so you can find the candle, or candle set that you feel would make the right gift for their house warming. Most people can find great uses for candles around their home, whether they display them or save them for an emergency, they will appreciate having them.

Bath and shower sets

When most people move into their new home, they get excited about decorating it, but often forget about the bathroom until later on. You can help them to get started on their bathroom by giving them a bath and shower set. You can easily purchase bath and shower sets online, so you can browse through a wide selection.

When you give your friend or family member the right housewarming gift, you will enjoy returning to see it proudly displayed when you visit.