3 Distinguished Honors Of The Order Of Demolay

Members of the various Masonic Orders are known for the splendid rings they wear. DeMolay, a Masonic organization for young men, also has an assortment of rings that members can proudly wear to signify their membership in the organization, or honors bestowed upon them in service.

There are three prestigious awards that a DeMolay and a Senior DeMolay can earn and therefore be permitted to wear a ring to denote their noble achievement. The first is the Degree of Chevalier, awarded to an active DeMolay member, and the other two honors bestowed upon a Senior DeMolay, or Freemason, are the Representative DeMolay Award and the Legion of Honor.

Degree of Chevalier

The most prestigious honor that an active DeMolay can earn is the Degree of Chevalier. The honor is bestowed upon a member denoting outstanding achievement in service.

To be awarded the Degree of Chevalier, the prospective member must be at least 17 years old in the year they are nominated for the degree, plus they must have been an active member of the order for two years prior to their award date.

Through nomination by the chapter's Advisory Council, with approval from the Executive Officer in the chapter's jurisdiction, a deserving DeMolay is awarded the honor in a public ceremony, the Chevalier Investiture. Customarily, a reception follows the award of the degree where family or friends can present the recipient with a selection from an assortment of colorful Masonic rings to symbolize the honor.

Representative DeMolay Award

The highest active award for a Senior DeMolay is through the self-assessment program culminating in the Representative DeMolay Award. While the award is attainable by any Senior DeMolay, it requires dedication and commitment.

From its beginning in 1924, the award was originally of a competitive nature between outstanding DeMolays. About a decade after its inception, the award program was redesigned to satisfy a need for self-evaluation for every DeMolay member.

While any DeMolay can obtain this award if they will dedicate themselves to completing the required work, the number of Representative DeMolay Awards is roughly half the number of Chevalier Degree holders, clearly indicative of the dedication required to earn the honor.

Legion of Honor

The final award in the trio is the Legion of Honor, which is the highest award issued by the Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay. This award, like the Representative DeMolay Award, is bestowed upon a Senior DeMolay to represent outstanding leadership, or service to humanity.

But, unlike the other two awards, the Legion of Honor can also be awarded to a Freemason for outstanding service on behalf of the Order of DeMolay. Similar to the other pair of awards, commemorative pins and spectacular rings are available to the privileged recipients.

If you or a family member have been awarded one of these three honors bestowed upon deserving DeMolays, or Senior DeMolays, consider a Masonic ring to commemorate the special occasion. Special designs are available using various metals, each accented with precious stones. An honor worthy of such recognition can be proudly displayed with a beautiful ring.