Spend A Week & Learn To Surf!

If your kids are begging to take surfing lessons, then you should consider spending a week as a family at a Costa Rica surf camp. Your hotel stay, dining, and surf lessons are all included in a great beginner's package. Here is how to find the best surf school for you.

Look at the Ratio

First, you want to find out how many instructors are available for each lesson. Stay away from surf lessons where one instructor is teaching five or more people. A one to one ratio is obviously best, but a school that offers one instructor for each three students will work perfectly.

Specific Class Time & Fun Time

You want to spend at least 90 minutes every day in the water with your surfing instructor. That way you have plenty of time to practice paddling, balancing on the board while siting and then learning to stand and ride the waves.

Even though your class will only be the first 90 minutes of the day, you want to be able to go out and practice on your own throughout the day. Your surfing school and resort should allow you that free time. Free board rental and usage should be standard at your surf school. That way you can try out different boards throughout the day.

Some surf schools offer a second classroom seminar in the evenings. This is an excellent perk to take advantage of. You will learn the ins and outs of surfing, surfing etiquette and safety. Camps that offer a video analysis of your morning's surf lesson are invaluable. You get to see what you did, and learn where you need to improve and what you are doing right. Seeing yourself surfing can really help you learn this new skill.

Family Fun

You may not want to spend the whole time surfing or at the beach. You may be able to customize your vacation with your surf camp resort to include other family fun activities.

Costa Rica is home to the Nosara Wildlife Refuge. You can take a guided tour through the refuge and learn about the animals that are being protected and cared for there.

You could take some time off to go fishing. You can learn how to fish at the beach or the mouth of a river, or you can sign up for deep-sea fishing.

Just because your child was the one that wanted to learn how to surf doesn't mean that he or she has to be the only one to learn this fun, new skill. Sign up for the whole family to take beginner surf lessons, enjoy the island during your free time, and have a great family vacation.