Jewelry Pieces And Accessories For Your Pinup Wardrobe

The 1950s era will always be remembered for the pinup girls that it created. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Betty Paige inspired the look of pin ups, with flouncy dresses, lace accessories, and complimentary jewelry. Though it is no longer the 1950s, the pin up style has flourished, with many women using pin up dress in their everyday life or for special occasions. If you prefer 1950s pin up style dresses, consider a few accessories and jewelry pieces that you should add to your collection.

Necklace and earring sets

Jewelry sets were very popular in photographs of pin up women, especially when dressed in evening gowns and nightwear. Even with usual 1950 dresses, women typically wore matching pearl earrings and pearl necklaces during the day. To round out your collection, choose choker necklaces, along with large gold or jeweled necklaces. A jewelry buyer, such as The Jackels Collection of Beverly Hills is the best place to find antique jewelry and jewelry sets. You can find these pieces in both precious stones or costume jewelry.

Hats and gloves

A hat that matches your outfit and "going out gloves" are parts of the outfit for anyone in the 1950s. Hats and gloves are still easy to find, in a number of colors. Many hats that are created for church in this current era will fit the bill for 1950s dress hats. Bowler hats, fedoras, sun hats, and fascinators are all used to compliment outfits when in public. Wrist length white, black, or lace gloves compliment any dress. A set of white elbow length gloves are also used for elegant dressing gowns in the 1950s.


In the pin up days, one of the ways to tell a woman's personality, likes, and dislikes is by her broaches. Broaches come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Popular broaches feature animals, flowers, and initials, though they can feature any number of photographs. Some ladies prefer their broaches to match their necklace choice, while others wish to display a broach made of precious stones similar to their engagement rings.  


The waist was one of the major focal points in 1950 fashions. You will need to acquire belts in all shades. Thick belts work for A-line dresses and skirt sets, to make sure that womanly curves pop. Cinch belts and sash wraps are also fashionable choices with casual and dressy fashions for 1950-wear. Unlike with men's fashions, you do not have to worry about the belt buckle, as the attention should be on your overall figure and outfit.