How To Replace A Broken Electrical Plug On Your Television Or Small Appliance

If you have broken the electrical plug on for your television set, then you can easily repair it yourself.

Electrical plug repairs are very simple. You do not need any special tools.

All that you need to replace your TV's electrical plug is:

  • a replacement plug
  • a sharp pair of household scissors
  • a screwdriver

Replacement Electrical Plugs

You can purchase a replacement plug at any local hardware store. Replacement plugs are located in the "electrical" department and are very inexpensive.

There are two different types of replacement plugs on the market today. For your television, you do not need the "heavy duty," three-prong type of plug; a simple two-prong plug is fine for this use. You should look for the plugs marked "household appliance."

Additionally, there are replacement plugs which do not require you to do any wire stripping or wire wrapping. This is the easiest type of replacement plug that you can install. 

Steps to Replace Your TV's Electrical Plug

In order to safely replace your television's plug, follow these simple steps:

(Note: This procedure is the same for all types of televisions, as well as other electrical appliances.) 

Step 1. Using your scissors, cut the cord of your television approximately two inches above the broken plug.

Step 2. The cord contains two inner wires as well as some fabric insulation. By partially closing the scissors and rocking the cord back-and-forth, you can easily remove just the outer plastic covering of the cord.

You should remove one inch of outer covering. Any fibers sticking out can be cut and thrown away. This will leave you with two plastic coated wires, one black and one white.

Step 3. Stick each wire into the new plug, using the diagram on the plug's packaging for assistance with exactly where to place the wires. 

Step 4. Close the plug until it is completely closed over the wires. This will make the contacts connect to the electrical wires.

Step 5. Screw the tightening screw into the plug using a screwdriver.

Congratulations! You have now replaced the plug on your television set and it is safe to plug it into the wall socket. 


Replacing the plug on your television set is a simple procedure. However, if you do not feel comfortable making this repair yourself, then any local electrical contractor can perform this fix for you. Companies such as Merlins TV can repair any issues with your TV. Always make sure that you hired a contractor who is licensed and can provide you with references of their quality work.